Empowering your body to heal itself

Utilizing doTERRA oils, we work together to have a wholistic healing experience with foot zoning, symphony of cells, and aromatherapy, specifically enabling you to have an alternative method of healing.

Empowering YOU to heal yourself.



With Aromatouch, I use 8 specific oils layered in a way that is unique to you, to bring your body into homeostatis. There will be constant contact on the client’s back utilizing a specific method of human touch, to create an overall wellness experience which is calming, healing, and relaxing.

The essential oils in the aromatouch technique are used for the individual and the combined aromatic properties.

The same 8 oils are utilized in a session: Balance, Tea Tree, On Guard, Aromatouch, Deep Blue, Wild Orange, Peppermint, Lavendar.

Coconut oil as the carrier oil

Foot Zoning


With a Foot Zoning session, I will have an initial conversation with the client about what is ailing the body, so we do a deep dive into overall health and wellness. This helps me to understand what might be a deeper root cause of something, rather than treating superficially.

We then go over what oils will be utilized in the session.  Typically we will work with 1-2 oils for each client.

This session is feet only, with constant contact, applying a specific method of human touch. I will also hit the chakra centers and the internal organs on the foot, in addition to working on rebalancing energy.

Coconut oil as the carrier oil


Symphony of Cells

This is a similar concept to a Foot Zoning session. We will have a discussion of how the body is feeling and the client will look at a chart of possible symptoms  and choose a package option (see below). Multiple oils are used in a Symphony of Cells session, (usually around 10) and this treatment also takes place on the back of the client.

Package Options: Digestive. Emotional & Limbic. Endocrine. Immune. Integumentary. Nervous. Respiratory. Musculoskeletal. Urinary.

Coconut oil as the carrier oil


Yoga Studio

doTERRA Oils

Why doTERRA? I use them specifically because I trust their science, their owners, and I feel good about putting them on my own family. The company itself has proven to be honest, with great integrity and ethics. The integrity of the company is why people do what I do.

In addition, the community of doTERRA (both the practitioners, users, and enthusiasts) have also proven to be knowledgeable, open, and caring, willing to share information with anyone who asks – it is not the spirit of competition that you find with doTERRA, but that of togetherness. We are all passionate about not only helping our clients, but each other to build the best practices we can.

And of course, I simply love the smell of the oils. I love that when I put them on a family member, they are very effective. For example, every time I have used them for an issue (seasonal threats, immunity) I see an improvement. I also am deeply grateful that this is something everyone can do at home and perform as a daily or weekly application. It is really about finding what works for the individual and empowering them to heal themselves.

A few kind words from my clients… 


“Suzy has transformed my home! This year she saved us from chaos, stressful events, and gave us healing tools with foot zoning to help heal our family. She gave us oily tools to use in our tool chest of ways to handle life. We will forever be grateful for her healing capabilities. We LOVE Suzy!”

- Leah Fitts

Becoming a Client

Book a session on the calendar

You’ll first book a session on the calendar and pay to reserve your time! I will contact you with further instructions and location options. I am happy to come to you, or have you come to me. And then get ready to relax!

Wellness packages

I offer a variety of wellness package options. You can contact me directly for additional information!


I host a variety of in-person workshops where you can learn how to apply the oils to you and your famiily! You may RSVP online if you would like to attend. 

Upcoming Workshops

I want to help YOU help your family, to empower you to be able to utilize the healing properites of essential oils. In my workshops, you will learn how to do just that. Come learn about how essential oils can change your life and the health of you and your family, now and for the long-term future!