Meet Suzy!


Hi there, let’s get to know each other! I grew up in the Verde Valley in beautiful Arizona and am in awe of how much this state has changed over that time. We have lived in Mesa for the past 33 years, where we raised our 5 kids in the sunshine and cactus! (Only the occasional spill into a jumping cholla!). With 5 of my own kids came 13 grandkids whom I adore and appreciate as they keep me feeling young and on my toes! I’ve been married for 37 years to my high school sweet-heart and big, loud, messy family dinners (along with Christmas) are pretty much my favorite.

I have done lot of diverse things, including operating a dance studio, working at Sun Splash, and being a life-long Disney fan, now having worked as a Disney store employee for the last 10 years (this means park passes for life!). A lot of this was done so my kids could have access to all sorts of cool and fun opportunities! I’ll frequently sport my Disney apparel while out and about and then watch Disney+ with my grandkids. I also really love doing crafts, am a nature-lover, and a runner. I’ve completed 2 marathons, multiple half-marathons, and countless 5k and 10k races.

In the last decade, I’ve turned another corner towards healing and essential oils! I am passionate about sharing the benefits of essential oils and how they can change your life! 



Take control of your health and wellness

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My Oil Journey

My oil journey started many years ago, and somewhat reluctantly. A few close family members wanted to have one of my daughters and myself sign up for an essential oils workshop, and we just weren’t interested.

Despite our hesitation, they continued to ask us to attend and when we finally agreed to participate, I was so grateful that we did. At that time, my youngest child was having some difficult challenges and during the course of the doTERRA workshop, I suddenly realized that what they were talking about had the possibility of helping my youngest daughter. As I was ready to try anything, I bought the smallest kit doTERRA offered and started to use them not only on my daughter, but on my entire family. And I started to see immediate results for everyone. I became a believer that day and over the course of the last 7 years, have expanded my path to include that of healing, using essential oils that have an incredible impact on anyone who is willing to give them a try.

The next year, I attended the full doTERRA conference and I was shocked. This wasn’t a company that talked about selling and only selling, they talked about healing, real healing and the impact on communities around the world in terms of where they source their products from and how they help local farmers (things like micro-loans and infrastructure). I already loved their oils, but now I loved their message and mission even more and I attend the conference every year. It’s not about selling and growing a business. It’s so much bigger than that. It’s about helping people. Indeed, Healing Hands is the non-profit within doTERRA that helps with sustainable community building and in addition, if I myself ever need assistance or information, they have Wellness advocates available and ready to help. I love the work I do with clients, and I really love the ethics and mission from the company I use oils from!